Instructional Writer – End User Training for Security Software – Software House C-Cure

  • Project
  • Expensive
  • Europe
  • Type:Fixed
  • 03 to 06 months

Project detail

About us:  ActivAdmin is a publisher of cloud-based learning solutions.   Think of ActivAdmin as the Netflix of training videos for administrators of security systems and other enterprise software applications.

ActivAdmin is rounding out it library of tutorials for first-level administrators of leading access control physical security systems, with development of tutorials for Software House C-Cure 9000 (SWH).  We are looking for an instructional writer.

We will supply the scripts for Lenel OnGuard and AMAG Symmetry as a model.  The writer will  apply the same content to the script for SWH and will have an SME to guide and assist with the procedural steps, descriptive language that is specific to SWH and to suitable best practices applied specifically to SWH.  See sample script attached.

The writer, SME and Company shall develop a production schedule which is mutually agreeable for both parties. The work will be performed substantially over two to three weeks per tutorial.  This work is typically performed remotely with the writer, SME and product manager residing in different states and countries.

The audience for the tutorial is comprised of system administrators employed by organizations that use SWH to control physical access.  These administrators use the application software interface to perform moderately technical tasks such as:

1. Add a cardholder
2. Delete a cardholder
3. Replace a Lost Card
4. Modify Holiday Schedule
5. Create a new door schedule
6. Change Access Rights for Cardholder
7. Report Cardholder Activity
8. Report Door Activity
9. Print an Activity Reports
10. Troubleshoot an access alarm notification
11. Monitor Alarms
12. Change Elevator Schedule
– Other Tutorials as agreed upon by participants.
The duration of each tutorial is between 7 minutes and 17 minutes.  Each tutorial is dedicated to one of the procedures identified above.

The SME must have excellent English, with a solid ability to communicate in writing using American English.