Senior React.js + React Native + Redux frontend developer

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  • Expensive
  • Malaysia
  • Type:Fixed
  • Less than a week

Project detail

Needs to hire 2 Freelancers

If you are an agency, work through an agency or need to be paid hourly, please ignore this job posting. It is not suitable for you.

There is an attachment ‘Senior React Native and React.js frontend engineer.docx’ that describes this position in much greater detail

Experienced senior React Native AND React.js (i.e. both, not either one) software developer – analyze, plan, design and coordinate complex software project.

More than 8 years of high quality software development experience in complex, long-term projects. Progressively increasing responsibility, difficulty and complexity. Team and project management roles and responsibilities.

Minimum 3 years of high quality experience using JavaScript, React Native and React.js frameworks in heavy data manipulation, transactions heavy, applications.

If you do not have these qualifications, please don’t apply. You are wasting yours and our valuable time