UX design & Strategy for Label Generator SAAS

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  • Philippines
  • Type:Fixed
  • 03 to 06 months

Project detail

The Problem:
Most small and large businesses are finding buying labels a daunting task, especially the up and starting new businesses. Every industry has its own specifications and needs that need to be shown on labels, so businesses have to select the right label kind, size, and printing format that fits their products. Shifting through all the materials and sizes that would be appropriate for their produce a business owner or purchasing manager finds it difficult to get the basics quickly let alone print their own logos and get the formats right.

Some business have to go through a learning curve where they purchase the wrong type of label that would not work for their products.  Take for instance a pipe manufacturing company needs a specific type of labels that can withstand extreme temperature resistant or the adhesive on the label would wear off resulting in loss of proper manufacturing and warehousing tracking. That same company would also need a special type of printing paper (Thermal printing or Thermal transfer) so the ink stays on the label through the extreme temperature that the pipe would go through.     Another example is an industry like pharmaceuticals, they have to abide by regulations that entail that they add GTIN number and a batch number on their barcode labels.

The Idea:
Connect the right businesses with the right kind of labels and ease their printing process through an online interface

The Current Situation:
Rizk Industry is established within the stationary and office supplies, providing products and building relations with reputable companies for the past 35 years. Riklabel is a sub-brand of Rizk Industry known for 18 years as a B2B labels solutions brand in Lebanon and across the MENA region. It transacts daily with thousands of large and small businesses across the region. It has a long-lasting reputation and trust with reputable companies and small new companies in the region. Riklabel’s new database is able to store thousands of SKUs (label kinds and sizes) that its wide variety of customers needs. We intend to keep this dependable brand value within our  Label Generatoe’s UX experience while helping ease the processing of buying and customizing labels for businesses.

We need an intuitive UX designer that is skilled in creating habituation to create the experience of our Label Generator that enables businesses to customize their labels and order them straight from our website.

Main Features:
Select Label Type: Thermal, Thermal Transfer, Security…
Select a barcode label size: (Riklabel Sizes)
Select label Format (more features within each format):
– Food
– Retail

– Construction
– Shipping / Address
– Food Delivery
– Pharmaceutical
– Manufacturing

Input details within each format
Generate barcode from text
Generate barcode from link
Select Quantity
Move order to cart
Current Database Architecture:
To be shared with top candidates.

Visual Design
Content Messaging Format
Easily Usable UI