Video Recording Tool

  • Project
  • Medium Level
  • Nepal
  • Type:Fixed
  • More than 06 months

Project detail

A recording tool platform with filming functions that include
Framing/Positioning Guideline – Highlighted box to alert user where to be in the frame
Sound/light meter – Meter monitoring sound and light quality
Video Preview – Preview videos before upload
Video Release Form – Users complete user release form before filming
Compressed Videos – Videos are automatically compressed
Teleprompter – Viewable teleprompter while the user films
Script Assistance – Statements are automatically flagged for key words
And interface database functions that include
Search – Ability to search by:
Zip code, City, State, metro area (Geography)
Industry (Current of industry of interest)
User Profile Access – Users are able to enter information to profile. Employers/partners/admins are able to access profile information
Edit/Delete Video – Ability to replace, upload, delete or download videos
Video Approval – Videos are approved by GoL before getting URL/published
Unique URL –  A unique URL is created for each video
*Program Specific Access – Employers can only view program specific 7SRs
*Update User Profiles – Users are able to access their individual account to update video/resume/profile/contact information

Skills Required